With a well-established track record of successfully delivering and managing human resources process, Outsourcing and recruitment, sales development, Marketing strategy implementation and Management  process transformations, payroll management support and financial reporting process advisory projects, Lorache Consulting Limited is strongly positioned to meet the varied Human resources management, Accounting, Sales and Marketing training needs of various organizations

What We Offer You


We will provide a high level of support that suits your business needs and challenges. Whether this be regular and ongoing HR support, adhoc HR projects, or a phone call with one of our Consultants.

We will evaluate areas of compliance and non-compliance within your business. But HR doesn’t have to be just about compliance. We can support you with employee engagement, retention, and absence management.

We have a reputation for taking care of time-consuming HR documentation to support your legal compliance. We can support your business with day to day enquiries or more extensive human resource projects

  • Contracts of Employment
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Restructure and Redundancies
  • Employee Well-Being
Recruitment and selection are so much more than knowing there’s work that needs to be done and finding someone to do it. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. We are expert in the following:
  • Job Design
  • Job Description
  • Recruitment of Skill and Unskilled Staff (Junior, Mid and Executive Staff)
  • Head Hunting, Poaching and Placement
  • Interviewing and selection
  • Offer Letters
  1. Source for candidates
  1. Posting of vacancies on credible jobsites
  1. Use of Social Media to engage and reach out to a wider pool of candidates
  1. Head-Hunt where necessary for the best qualified candidate(s) in similar establishment
  1. Mine existing resume database
  1. Shortlist potential candidates for first level screening
  1. Recommend to you a minimum of 5 suitable candidates who best-fit the vacant positions

Our Training are model to align the skills of your employees with your organizational goals. Whether they be short term skill shortages or long-term development programmes.

Our training courses can be delivered in a variety of ways depending on what bests suits your needs. However, we can also offer the following:

  • Customized in-plant program
  • Virtual class
  • Online class

Regardless of the training type chosen, we offer the best exquisite experience to our clients as the learning journeys or learning architectures are created in consultation with you (our client). Beyond an understanding of key concepts, we understand that true value is added when our participants can apply these ideas, skills, and strategies to their specific/collective job roles.


We offer a fully compliant and legal search of background details covering

  • Certificate and License verification
  • Past employment verification
  • Residence verification
  • Reference and Guarantor verification

Outsourcing has helped organizations achieve their business goals faster, focus on core competencies, add value to their services and reduce the business risks. Lorache Consulting is committed to the global customers we serve across diverse industry verticals. Our processes have a world-class combination of domain expertise, technology and timely global delivery, which ensure best results for our clients.


You need an experienced partner you can trust to consistently manage and deliver on every aspect of your payroll. At Trace, we work with accuracy and efficiency so we save you time, money and stress. We are not one size fits all as we provide expert knowledge and high-quality payroll services to support your company and co-ordinate your entire payroll operations.


Whether your company lacks growth, has an inefficient marketing team or sales force, even no marketing team or sales force, we are here to help. Our goal is to not only improve the market share of a company but also enhance their image, customer relationships and increase the amount of repeat business the organization receives.